Meet our Staff!

The Bowen Center Staff will encourage and support you as you make decisions about your health care and well-being. You will be given risks and benefits so that you may make informed choices during all aspects of your care.


When you first arrive for your visit our front office staff will be available to answer questions and help get you checked in. Meet Vicki!


NicoleOnce you have checked in, one of our three Medical Assistants will show you to an exam room. Pictured to the right is Nicole.



Eileen Our Medical Assistants will also take your blood pressure and weight. Pictured here is Eileen.


Michelle While you are with your Medical Assistant, please let them know any addition questions or concerns for your caregiver. Jessica is pictured here.

Dr. DANIEL Bowen

Dr. BowenDr Bowen has been an OB/GYN for 15 plus years. He practices medicine with the idea that you are in charge of your health and well-being. He will guide you through the risks and benefits of all aspects of your wellness care and health issues.

Michelle Wallace

MichelleMichelle Wallace, Certified Nurse Practitioner (CNP) has been supporting and caring for women for many years. She encourages all women to be an active participant in their health care. Michelle is available for well care or problem visits.

Kelly Short

KellyKelly Short has been with Dr. Bowen for ten plus years, first as a Medical Assistant and now as The Bowen Center Office Manager. She is available, by phone or email to answer questions or concerns about staff, billing or insurance. We accept most insurance and will work with you if you are without insurance or prefer to self-pay. Kelly will be happy to arrange a payment schedule.

Marion Woebbe

MarionMarion Woebbe is The Bowen Center Sonographer. She has been performing diagnostic ultrasounds for many years. She enjoys working with women and families. Diagnostic ultrasounds will be prescribed by your caregiver if needed. Stacey Quattlebaum is also a Sonographer at The Bowen Center. She performs non-diagnostic and diagnostic ultrasounds. If you are interested in 3D/4D ultrasound Stacey would be who you would make your appointment with. 3D/4D ultrasounds are for entertainment only and are an option that is decided by the patient.

Karen Wert

VickiKaren Wert is our Licensed Massage Therapist. She has been a LMT since 1998. Karen specializes in prenatal massage, Swedish massage, stress reduction, sports massage and ashiatsu oriental bar barefoot massage. She is a professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) and the Ohio Sports Massage Team. Our patients have the option of making an appointment for a massage at The Bowen Center or at Karen’s home office. She can be reached at 513-560-6724.

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